About Niqat

This show is a weekly show. Hence will be presented to the public on a weekly basis, once a week. The way in which it will be presented is through a talk show format, where every week there will be active participants in other words guests that will be coming into the show to discuss the issues raised for that day. Generally, however, these guests will be well-read individuals in the field. In other words , professionals or experts on the topic of discussion.

Why Parenting?

Within the Ethiopian society there are commonalities in the ways in which we are raised as children. The show will be addressing whether the ways we are raised, as part of the culture, is rightful. What were the benefits and the harms that came with the manner(s) in which we were raised? How did the punishment mechanisms during our childhood shape our thought process? How can we improve these cultural ways of raising children without breaking the norms and without straying too much away from Ethiopian values? These questions will be answered whilst considering globalization and modernization, as well as the different initiatives being brought forth to the youth.
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Days Left

Niqat will be broadcasted on Balageru TV. Don't miss it.

About The Host

The host of this show is Martha Abebe, a marketing and journalism professional
who has been working on the area of parenting for the past few years.
By launching this phenomenal show, the host aims to become the go to media platform which parents look up to for guidance and support